We Did It! Our AI-Powered Helmets Are Now DOT Certified!

Dear Intelligent Cranium Backers and Fans,

Eight years. That’s a long time to dream, design, and develop a revolutionary product like the iC-R helmet. We at Intelligent Cranium know there have been doubters, comparisons, and moments where the road seemed long and winding. But let us assure you, your unwavering support has fueled our passion every step of the way.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a monumental milestone: the iC-R helmet has officially passed DOT safety certifications! This is a huge win for Intelligent Cranium Helmets and a testament to the tireless dedication of our CEO, leadership team, and development crew. We faced challenges head-on, where others might have thrown in the towel. But we persevered, because we believe in the transformative power of the iC-R and the impact it will have on motorcycle safety and rider experience.

Here’s the additional exciting news: We’re still on track to begin shipping helmets out in batches within the United States by late July 2024! This means you’ll be gearing up with the most advanced, AI-powered smart helmet on the market sooner than ever.

This wouldn’t have been possible without your unwavering support. You believed in our vision when it was just that – a vision. We ask for your continued support to help Spread the word! Tell your fellow riders, motorcycle groups, and clubs about ICH and the iC-R. Share the excitement of a helmet that truly redefines motorcycle safety and awareness.

Together, let’s make Intelligent Cranium Helmets a household name – and a symbol of the incredible things that happen when passion & dedication meets innovation.

Stay tuned for further updates and exciting announcements!

With deepest gratitude,

-The Intelligent Cranium Helmets Team