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ICH is a Majority Veteran & Minority owned safety first smart helmet tech company positioned to disrupt & usher in a new era of helmets with advanced Ai blind-spot eliminating technology for a myriad of markets, starting with our flagship iC-R model for the motorcycle industry.

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The Future of Safety, Imagined Differently

At ICH, we’re pairing human and artificial intelligence together to bring forth the most advanced, beneficial, and scalable business & smart protective products we can think of to improve the safety and longevity of men and women everywhere; placing just as much importance on the physical as we are on the technological.

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While driving to work one day, I noticed a number of motorcyclists traveling in the same direction I was. I observed the motorcyclists repeatedly turning their head whenever they needed to change lanes, and I said to myself, “there has to be a safer way for these riders to ride.” That's when it hit me—I wanted to make a motorcycle helmet that would completely eliminate the need for motorcyclists to turn their heads, ensuring their utmost safety when attempting to change lanes. Since then (through endless brainstorming and research) the idea has evolved into something some might have thought to be unimaginable, but most of all, something that has never been done before. Over time this idea has moved from just a product idea to a brand and a new way of thinking. -Ambrose Dodson (CEO & Co-founder)

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 5:16)

ICH & The Vision

Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) is privately-held and was started in 2015 with an initial idea for a helmet which will help save lives and enhance a rider’s experience. Currently motorcycle riders have a 240° blind spot around them, however; ICH has solved this problem by integrating custom and currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that alerts and allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late.

What began as an idea for a specific need has blossomed into a company with the leadership and vision to scale from one sector into many, globally; providing multiple product solutions to help save lives.

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Full face everyday commuters, MOTOGP, etc.


Formula 1, Supercars, etc.

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DHS, DoD, FBI, etc.

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Police, Security, etc.

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Our team of Big Thinkers And Performers

Ambrose Dodson

CEO & Co-founder

Anthony Dodson

COO & Co-founder

Robert Irvine

Chief Financial Officer

Kendall Leaman

Business Development

Deborah J.H.

Product Support Manager

Yolanda Dodson

Executive Assistant

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