Update 12.5: The Game-Changer You Need to Know About

Hi Backers!

Welcome back to “ANOTHER ONE” 🙂as promised. Let’s dive in:

Manufacturing, Beta, & Certifications

  • Post our review of our initial T1 samples and the feedback we provided our manufacturing team, they’ve made the necessary corrections and have shipped our final T1 helmet to our team; which is due to be received this coming Monday (06/10).
  • Beta helmet samples are in production and almost ready (see photo below taken on 06/05). As a reminder, Beta Helmets will begin shipping to randomly selected users in the next few weeks based on location (we’re trying to cover a broad range of areas). We will record the random selection and post the results on our Youtube channel, as well as provide official email notifications to the winners of the draw.
  • Our DOT sample helmets (photo below) have been shipped for testing and certification as of this past Monday 06/03. We’re expecting official certification results by NLT 06/21/24.
  • Our ECE sample helmets are also currently in production and due to be sent out for official ECE 22.06 safety testing and certification within the next week. 

Previously we mentioned that we took advantage of the prototype unofficial safety testing by the SNELL Foundation. They were only able to perform a certain number of impact testing, but we are happy to report that our helmet performed well and did not fail (see brief testing video below—taken by the foundation so the quality is a lower than what we wanted to share). The release notes directly from SNELL are as follows:

  • “Sample exposed to Oblique anvil impact on Front (Z0) and Rear (Z180) locations.
  • Performed nine (9) linear impact on Left and Right sides, Front and Rear locations and Top (Crown) area. The Right side Flat anvil, linear impacts were passing, though the second (#2) was close to exceeding peak g allowance (275g). The Left and Rear, linear impacts on Hemispherical surface performed well with peak acceleration requirements. Front linear impacts on Flat surface are suspect as the sample had been exposed to Oblique anvil impacts on Front and likely damage the area. Linear impacts #7 and #8 should be disregarded.
  • The Rear Oblique impact was performed on, or near the rear spoiler/electronics cover area. The results were satisfactory and the hardware does not seem to affect performance with respect to the impact requirements of the M2025D standard.
  • The Front Oblique impact was performed on, or near the front camera mount. The results appeared acceptable. The front camera mount broke away during the impact and created a wave-like result in the angular acceleration values.
  • The Top/crown Linear impact was within standard requirements.”
  • Official SNELL certifications expected to commence in the next few weeks. 

REMINDER – the testing & certification completion windows for each entity takes around 2-3 weeks to complete. When we reach this stage, we will be at the mercy of the safety entities (DOT, ECE 22.06, & SNELL M2025D) and when they can complete. THERE HAVE BEEN NO ADDITIONAL DELAYS TO OUR RELEASE SCHEDULE

We are prepared to begin shipping throughout the U.S., post official successful DOT safety certification testing—we will not wait for ECE 22.06 and SNELL as you all have waited long enough. Countries requiring ECE 22.06 safety certification will begin to receive their orders once that has been completed and obtained. 

Hardware & Software

All remaining development continues to be on track. Our final system, enclosure, and cabling are all ready (see photo below) for our team to begin Phase 1 of 2 release testing this week. Phase 2 is slated to commence towards the end of the month. 

Now is the time where our functional testing videos will begin to pop up more and more via our YouTube and other social media platforms to show you up close and personal, how much hard work our team has put into this v1.0 release for you all!

Extended Pre-Beta Testing

REMINDER – With the extension of our Pre-Beta testing, local backers will begin testing a number of select functional features in the next 1-2 weeks through the start of official Beta testing! This is solely based on their close proximity to our HQ team and getting actual rider feedback to you all sooner.

Transparency & Engagement

  • Our official final schedule can always be found via our website: https://intelligentcraniumhelmets.com/ic-rider-edition/#Production 
  • Backers are encouraged to update their order, contact, and shipping information ONLY if you haven’t already or have recently moved.
  • Open pre-order balances require immediate payment 2 months prior to shipment or run the risk of being delayed. 

More updates are on the way as we complete certifications and Beta testing! Continue to support us by spreading the word to your fellow ride family, friends, groups, & clubs! The first TRUE Smart Motorcycle Helmet is finally about to touch down.

-ICH Support Team