Update 13.1 Gear Up for the Ride of Your Life! iC-R Smart Helmets – Safety First, Features Unparalleled, Delivery Soon!

We’re thrilled to share another significant update on the iC-R development of our revolutionary smart helmets! We continue to be laser-focused on getting them into your hands as soon as possible, while ensuring they meet the highest safety standards.

Safety First:

  • As a reminder, we’ve successfully passed DOT certification and are on track to complete ECE 22.06 within the next 2 weeks.
  • SNELL testing is also on the horizon, starting in the next 2 weeks.

Hardware & Software:

  • Our final custom camera modules have arrived, and our development team is integrating them seamlessly.
  • Our helmets are nearly complete! We’re finalizing the camera integration and fine-tuning the software – all expected to be wrapped up within the next 2-3 weeks.

Feature Updates:

To expedite delivery, we’ve made some strategic adjustments while continuing to offer exceptional features:

  • Visor: We’ve transitioned from an instant tint visor to an improved photochromic visor with a much faster transition time (5-20 seconds) than what’s currently on the market.
  • Bluetooth: We’ve upgraded to a powerful 4-core Bluetooth solution for enhanced connectivity.
  • Communication Options: We’re now offering 3 rider-to-rider communication solutions to suit your needs:
    • Unlimited range for up to 15 people via mobile app and network (which is what we originally offered and promoted)
    • Duplex BT mesh network up to 4km (similar to Sena and Cardo)
    • PTT with RF walkie talkie with BT capability for those low-to-zero signal rural areas
  • Our top three helmet models will include all three communication options and built-in CarPlay/Android Auto, while the base model will have the Mesh & PTT comms options available as a subscription upgrade.
  • Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Enjoy an unparalleled level of in-helmet navigation and smartphone integration.

Affiliate Program Launch:

We’re excited to announce we just launched our updated affiliate brand awareness program, which allows for savings and cash back!

In short: you sign up to be an affiliate, our team sends you a custom promo code, and you help spread the word. Anyone that places an order using your promo code gets 20% off their order, and that 20% gets paid out directly to you at the end of every month. Learn more and sign up here: https://forms.gle/wfPnEe8F1ACHAhMa6 

Beta Testing Update:

Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing the Beta testing raffle winners this weekend and gearing up to ship out Beta helmets for real-world testing.

We appreciate your continued patience and support. We’re on the home stretch and can’t wait to get you behind the visor of the future of motorcycle helmets!