Is the iC-R Helmet Ready? Beta Testing & Certification Explained

The iC-R Helmet Gears Up for Beta Testing! Get ready to experience the future of motorcycle safety. Applications for the iC-R Beta program are opening soon. This update provides details on final production samples, pre-certification testing, and exciting new features revealed for beta testers. Don't miss out on your chance to shape the future of motorcycle tech and be among the first to experience the iC-R Helmet! #iC-R #betatesting

Hi Backers!

Welcome back to another update! Let’s get right to it:

Manufacturing, Beta, & Certifications

Final T1 production ready helmet samples and packaging were received on 04/29, and our team got right down to the inspection and review. Overall the samples came in very good, but there were a few QA issues we noted and passed back to our manufacturer. They will provide 1 additional sample next week for our final review and approval.

In conjunction with the final T1 sample, in parallel; we are having one of our other T1 samples safety tested with the SNELL Foundation. This is a pre-certification prototype impact safety testing so we can gauge our overall build and see where we stand currently before sending multiple samples in for official testing. Gives us the opportunity to fix any issues (if any), though we don’t anticipate any.

Our Beta and certification samples are scheduled for production around 05/13, with the team also targeting official certification testing to begin within the same week.

As a reminder, the testing & certification completion window takes around 2-3 weeks to complete. When we reach this stage, we will be at the mercy of the safety entities (DOT, ECE 22.06, & SNELL M2025D) and when they can complete. THERE HAVE BEEN NO ADDITIONAL DELAYS TO OUR RELEASE SCHEDULE

As an additional reminder, Beta Helmets will begin shipping to randomly selected users based on location (we’re trying to cover a broad range of areas). We will record the random selection and post the results on our Youtube channel, as well as provide official email notifications to the winners of the draw. 

Hardware & Software

All remaining development is on track. We are so excited to show you the improved functionality in the next several weeks 😁. Our Voice Assistant has a much cooler name, added integration with key apps like CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as improved rider to rider communications offering; just to name a few.

Extended Pre-Beta Testing

With the extension of our Pre-Beta testing, local backers will begin testing a number of select functional features over the next several weeks through the start of official Beta testing! This is solely based on their close proximity to our HQ team and getting actual rider feedback to you all sooner.

Transparency & Engagement

  • Our official final schedule can always be found via our website: 
  • Backers are encouraged to update their order, contact, and shipping information ONLY if you haven’t already or have recently moved.
  • Open pre-order balances require immediate payment to meet Spring shipment.

More updates are forthcoming as iC-R approaches production, Beta testing, certifications, and fulfillment! Let’s Goooooo!

-ICH Support Team