iC-R Post Campaign Update 11.6

Hi Backers,

We’re back as promised with another important update. Let’s get to it.


Our custom PCB testing is still progressing as expected, is at an 90% functional status, and is due to be wrapped up in the next 2 weeks. The required design updates based on those test results are commencing in parallel to the remaining testing; putting us on track to receive our REV-B fully functional PCBs around the same time we receive our Beta helmets. 

This is still the largest schedule driver for us based on the small amount of needed changes, when they’re occurRing, plus production lead time.

Due to a key PCB change surrounding our camera pin mapping and those updates being included in our REV-B modifications, we will be jumping straight to public Beta testing once those boards and helmets have been received and tested.


In previous updates we mentioned that design was 100% complete, and that it is. Through recent engagement with a thermal simulation partner, it was determined that we could make a few small changes (shown below) to our rear shell attachment in conjunction with other internal thermal optimization implementations; to further assist with the overall heat dissipation from the rear of the helmet. Those changes have been implemented and that final tooling piece has been approved to proceed.


The teams continue to stay on top of this additional critical piece of development, and push towards getting it finished ASAP. Again as a reminder, this phase will run all the way up to official product release in order to test and optimize everything during this phase. We are still making a few final tweaks to our app UI/UX and overall functionality, and will have another backer ready test APK file in the coming weeks so that we can obtain your feedback for any improvements.

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

As a reminder; this is a rather lengthy process. The next update on Tooling will be once the tooling has concluded. Again, this is no longer the largest driver of the release schedule (below).

As a final reminder from last month’s statement, we will be jumping straight to Beta testing (post our final custom PCB production); during the tooling/sample production process to get initial helmets in a number of your hands and so we can still garner that road test feedback we value from you all. Everyone will be notified via an update so you’ll know to check your inboxes and assist in coordination to keep things moving as swiftly as possible.

Based on all of the above and not continuing to push the delivery date out incrementally month to month based on new unexpected project developments, order fulfillment will begin NLT December 2023 (in time for Christmas) starting with the U.S. and then continuing internationally. It is our goal and desire to begin fulfillment months before this, but what is confirmed is the date provided above. We will begin to ship as quickly as the helmets roll off the manufacturing line and are prepped through our quality control process.

[Full Schedule Reminder]

We deeply appreciate your continuous support and trust in us. As we endeavor to deliver groundbreaking and outstanding products, we recognize that challenges are an inherent part of pioneering product development. Nevertheless, we have absolute confidence that with your invaluable support and steadfast encouragement, we can conquer any hurdles that may arise.

Your unwavering loyalty serves as our driving force to achieve greater heights and propels us to create a product that leaves a lasting imprint on your lives. We hold your ongoing engagement in high regard and eagerly anticipate commemorating the few remaining milestones on this journey with you. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an essential contributor to our product development journey.

As a final thank you, we are preparing to provide all backers with some cash back on their current pre-order; as we know some of you needed to acquire new lids due to the unexpected delays. Our leadership team has not settled on that cash back amount just yet, but will provide that exact dollar amount to you before your helmets begin to ship—it’s the least that we can do.


Please message us with any questions—we will always be here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH (fully committed)