iC-R Post Campaign Update 11.7

Hi Backers,

We, are, back. We hope everyone is safe and healthy. Let’s get into it.


Our REV-B PCB design has been well underway and due to be finished in the next 2 weeks. This critical portion of our development is still on track for our team to receive our REV-B fully functional PCBs just before our Beta helmets are delivered. 


There are no new updates for design, which is a positive report due to design being 100% complete!


As a reminder this phase will run all the way up to official product release in order to test and optimize everything during this phase, and software development continues to push forward. We are targeting the end of October for our next backer ready test APK file to obtain your feedback for any improvements. Take a look at our refined UI below that you can expect to test soon:


Tooling continues to progress, and there have been zero issues with this process. Our most updated schedule shows our T1 helmet samples being ready by the middle of November and Pre-Certification Testing the week of Thanksgiving! 🙂

We will begin to ship as quickly as the helmets roll off the manufacturing line and are prepped through our quality control process.



We are always here to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to send them our way 🙂. Stay blessed, stay safe, stay tuned, and get ready.

-Team ICH (fully committed)