iC-R Post Campaign Update 11.5

Hi Backers!

We’re back for another very key, informative, and important update. Let’s dive right in.


Everything is still going according to plan regarding testing with our custom carrier board/PCB. We received final input from our dev team that our PCB is at an 80% functional status; which is huge news for us and the overall development as it is rare to produce a functional board on the first try. Our team had to make a few modifications to our initial test boards during this process, and those modifications have worked out for the better. See the development image below from our engineering team for a glimpse into how intricate and intense this process is:

However, based on even the small amount of needed changes, when they can occur, plus production lead time—we aren’t expected to have our final release ready version boards for at least the next ~45 days; which jumps ahead as the newest schedule driver. We are working on risk mitigation options with our board manufacturer to reduce this overall lead time, and hope to provide a more favorable update concerning this in the weeks to come.

We are now planning to commence Alpha road testing some time late August with the boards and helmets we have on hand to work and run in parallel to what is left to be completed, and to begin getting some highly anticipated road use and videos over to you all—then; Beta!


As a reminder, ALL DESIGN is 100% complete as well; which was wrapped up several weeks ago.


Software is due to be wrapped up for Alpha/Beta testing by the end August. The team has been working very hard on the overall software development and getting it finished. As a reminder, this phase will run all the way up to official product release in order to test and optimize everything during this phase. Our team continues to stay on top of this critical piece of development. We are aiming to release a look at the semi-final version of our companion mobile application by 08/20 at the latest; giving you deeper insight into the design, functionality, and just how much work we’ve been putting into this portion of the project. 

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

As a reminder; this is a rather lengthy process. The next update on Tooling will be once the tooling has concluded. This is no longer the largest driver of the release schedule (below). 

As another reminder from last month’s statement, we will be jumping straight to Beta testing during the tooling/sample production process to get initial helmets in a number of your hands and so we can still garner that road test feedback we value from you all. This of course will be a little later; once our final custom PCBs have been produced, are in hand, and have been tested and validated for use—which is estimated to be in the next 45 days or so as mentioned above. Additional communications around planning for this will be released closer to that time; so more to come on this. Everyone will be notified via an update so you’ll know to check your inboxes and assist in coordination to keep things moving as swiftly as possible.

Order fulfillment is now on target to begin accordingly after our final PCBs have been received which falls after the tooling and certification processes & initial production, again; starting with the U.S. and then continuing internationally through the rest of the year. Given that the schedule has shifted a little more, slightly past our Q2 target; we will begin to ship as quickly as the helmets roll off the manufacturing line and are prepped through our quality control process.

[Full Schedule Reminder]

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and trust in us. As we strive to bring you innovative and exceptional products, we acknowledge that challenges may arise along the way as with any brand new product development. However, we firmly believe that with your valuable support and unwavering encouragement, we can overcome any obstacles that come our way.

Your loyalty inspires us to reach new heights and motivates us to deliver a product that makes a lasting impact on your lives. We value your continued involvement and look forward to celebrating the last few remaining milestones together. Thank you for being an integral part of our product development process.


Please message us with any questions—we will always be here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH (fully committed)