iC-R Post Campaign: Update 11.0

Hi Backers!

We hope that you all are having a great week and are in good health. We’d also like to apologize for the recently pushed dates in getting this one out as planned. Some things we couldn’t control behind the scenes, but we are here with our next pivotal update nonetheless. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]


  • Custom Carrier Board: Our custom carrier board schematic and hardware design are still at 99%. We are a little behind schedule on this completion, but we are quadruple checking everything. The schematic and design portion are now on track to be finished within the next week. As mentioned in our last update, our initial prototype production of our custom carrier board will begin around the time of design completion and then run through a rapid prototyping process to be back in our team’s hands ~1-2 weeks from start date. From there we test and verify functionality, and then we can then begin our Alpha & Beta road testing phases thereafter. New estimated dates on our Alpha & Beta testing can be found below in our overall schedule update.
  • All other hardware has been 100% finalized and there are no remaining hardware changes.


  • There are no additional design updates as all design changes were completed and wrapped up several weeks ago.


  • Alpha phase software has been wrapped up; though the team is closing the loop on a few minor bugs.
  • We have now entered the Beta phase from a software perspective, and this phase will run all the way up to official product release. There are a number of things to be optimized and completed during this phase, and we’re on it.
  • All software development is on track to meet our April/May (see manufacturing updates below for details) product release. Proof of this is shown in our initial critical Update 11.0 (below).

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

The next steps in our road to production are:

  • Helmet tooling, internal pre-certification testing, official certifications, and helmet production are slated to commence consecutively; about 1-2 weeks after Chinese New Year ends and the manufacturing team returns (01/31/23). As a reminder, this is the largest driver of the release schedule below; with a 60-90 day completion time from date of commencement.
  • Order fulfillment is now on target to begin April/May starting with the U.S., and will continue internationally through the rest of the year.

[Full Schedule Reminder]

Update 11.0 Demo

  • Disclaimer & Note: please excuse some the audio degradation in certain portions of the video below. There was a lot to piece together and we decided that the audio was good enough to release vs push the update back again. In addition, this will be the first of many incremental yet pivotal demo updates that will be coming under this 11.0 structure. While the demo below does not include any road tests, the next and additional future demo’s will. With that, here is Update 11.0 demo!


Thank you thank you thank you as always for your continued support and patience. We know this road has been long and rocky, but you all will benefit greatly in the end and in the additional years to come with future product releases. You are all a big part of the reason why we are at this point today. 

A new chapter is beginning for ICH and we have big surprises for everyone that has, and is still supporting & believing in ICH. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH (fully committed)