iC-R Post Campaign: Update 10.1

Hi Backers!

We hope that all are in good health and safe. Okay, let’s get to it.

Disclaimer: while this update is titled 10.1, it unfortunately does not include yet what we were hoping to show at this juncture; that is now being included in our 11.0 update. We want to again state and reiterate that ICH is here and we are not going anywhere. We are not ever going to leave our backers hanging; especially not with everything that we’ve put into this and the tremendous support and trust that we’ve received from you. We do not take this lightly.

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]


  • ToF Proximity Sensors: 
  • Custom Carrier Board: Our custom carrier board schematic and hardware design are still at 99%, and due to be completed by the first week; no later than the second week in December. Our initial prototype production of our custom carrier board is now slated to begin around the time of design completion, which will then run through a rapid prototyping process and be back in our team’s hands ~1 week from start date. From there we test and verify functionality, and then we can then begin our Alpha Testing phase and our Beta testing thereafter. Estimated time dates on our Alpha & Beta testing can be found below in our overall schedule update.
  • All other hardware has been 100% finalized


A few updates in this area around the following:

  • HUD: In internal testing, we found that we needed to make a few changes to our 
  • Design Acknowledgement: Through ICH’s partnership with the Kreatif Design team who is behind the implementation of our helmets design, we were nominated for and actually awarded with both the BigSEE Product Design and Grand Prix 2022 Awards. We feel honored that our product has received such nominations and awards. We are pushing the boundaries of what is thought to not be possible or come to fruition. 


Software development has been the longest pole in the tent with a number of complications within this completely NEW development, but we have pushed through. We are now in the last 35 days of our software development. Over the last 2-3 weeks we’ve worked to re-allocate the remaining software requirements across multiple yet highly experienced development support teams, to improve the overall efficiency of the rest of our development; in an effort to stay on schedule and current upward trajectory. Proof of this WILL be shown even more in our critical Update 11, before the end of the year. 

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

The next steps in our road to production are:

  • Helmet tooling, internal pre-certification testing, official certifications, and helmet production are slated to commence consecutively; in the next 2 weeks. This is the largest driver of the release schedule below; with a 60-90 day completion time from date of commencement.
  • Order fulfillment is now on target to begin late February/early March 23’ beginning with the U.S., and will continue internationally through the rest of the year. 

[Full Schedule Reminder]

What to Expect in Update 11

  • Helmet tear down and walkthrough
  • Actual hands on road test vlog review
  • Front action camera displaying and recording in 4k@60FPS
  • Rear cameras displaying and recording in 3264×2464@60FPS
  • Voice commands controlling: front camera recording, taking a picture, system volume control, and our voice assistant “Hey Ari” wake command to control and interact with your mobile devices native voice assistant and functionalities (e.g., placing a call, playing music, checking the weather, listening to your daily news readout, and more!)

All promised helmet features will be on display for this update, and we are extremely excited to show you what you can expect from an iC-R Smart Motorcycle Helmet experience.


Thank you for your continued support and patience. We could not have gotten to where we are without each of you. We understand it’s been a rocky road, but with a development this complex; things don’t always go the way we want and we really hope everyone understands this. We will not release a product to you that is not functionally sound or what we’ve promoted, just for the sake of getting something out the door. That would be unfair to you as a consumer and our customers/backers. We are working extremely hard to wrap things up and pull this out for everyone, and we are close. We’re doing what we set out to do and promised we would, and we’re in it until it’s done.

The completion of this initial release is just the beginning. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH