iC-R Post Campaign Update 10.0

Hi Backers!

As we like to begin all of our posts, we hope that everyone is in good health and safe. Let’s go ahead and jump right in!

Disclaimer: while this update is titled 10.0 and covers some functionality and we were able to finish our latest Sprint development and internal demos, we were not able to get all functionalities into this post; so it is split up into two updates: 10.0 (today) and 10.1 (on 09/04). Details about what will be included in Update 10.1 can be found at the end of this current update.

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]


Our custom carrier board hardware is still currently at 99% completion, and due to be finalized in the next 1-2 weeks. This is due to the need to finish verifying all software functionality against our dev system. As a reminder, all other hardware (e.g., custom cameras, sensors, etc.) are all 100% finalized, and have been in production over the last 2 months; with the majority of parts in stock already at our local facility. Our initial prototype production of our custom carrier board is now slated to begin around mid September; which is scheduled to run through a rapid prototyping process and be back in our team’s hands ~1 week from start date. Once we have our custom carrier boards in hand, test, and verify functionality; we can then begin our Alpha Testing phase and our Beta testing thereafter. Alpha and Beta will happen pretty quickly and back to back, so that we don’t increase our intended official fulfillment release timeframe. We will provide an update on the exact Alpha & Beta testing date once we complete the above—we are coming down to the wire.

In addition, we are making refinement modifications to our HUD holder that are needed for better integration; based on our in-house testing through numerous prototypes to ensure we get that part right.


The only new update from a design perspective since the actual helmet design was finalized as of our last update, is that our helmets packaging & pricing have also been finalized. You’re going to love this unboxing. We would show you what this looks like, but that would just ruin the entire unboxing experience :).


Software has improved greatly and even more rapidly. The additional development support team and our in-house support in Viaanix are really pushing the rest of development in order to meet our target release time frame. Additional proof of this incredible support will be shown even more in our critical Update 10.1 this coming Sunday. 

In the interim, take a look at the app updates that have been made via the video below (with even more updates to be shown this coming Sunday)!

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

The next steps in our road to production are:

  • We are now approaching tooling, internal pre-certification testing, Beta, & certification helmet production as we’ve received all the final pricing needed from our helmet manufacturer. They double and triple checked EVERYTHING, all the way down to weatherproofing around our camera modules. 
  • Actual certifications (slated to conclude towards the end of the month) 
  • Fulfillment Production (currently on schedule and slated to run from the end of September through the rest of this year, with helmets shipping out in batches beginning with the U.S.)

[Full Schedule Reminder]

What to Expect in Update 10.1

On top of the above mobile app/software related updates, here is what will be shown functional in Update 10.1:

  • Helmet tear down and walkthrough
  • Front action camera displaying and recording in 4k@60FPS
  • Rear cameras displaying and recording in 3264×2464@60FPS
  • Voice commands controlling: front camera recording, taking a picture, system volume control, and our voice assistant “Hey Ari” wake command to control and interact with your mobile devices native voice assistant and functionalities (e.g., placing a call, playing music, checking the weather, listening to your daily news readout, and more!)
  • Physical access to our updated mobile app APK will be provided for review and testing!

The above covers over 80% of our development that has been reached, with the remaining 20% to be finished in September covering our proximity sensors and our ESAS feature!


Thank you for your continued support and patience. We could not have gotten to where we are without each of you. We understand it’s been a rocky road, but we’re doing what we set out to do and promised we would. The completion of this initial release is just the beginning. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH