iC-R Post Campaign Update 9d.

We hope and pray that everyone, their families and friends are safe.With all the new COVID variants popping up, and some more impactful than others; we hope no one is or has been directly affected. So et’s get right to it!

Disclaimer: this update is titled 9d. as it is still a slight continuation from last month’s post. The intent was to publish all of the functionality from our recent development Sprint update, however that Sprint update itself was split into two parts. Part 1 which was this past Friday, and Part 2 which is scheduled for tomorrow (08/02/22). Based on this, Update 10 will is scheduled for release this coming Saturday (08/06/22); so you’ll get two updates within the same week.

[Alpha, Beta, Manufacturing & Production]


As of today, ALL of our custom carrier board hardware is still at 99% finalized. All other hardware (e.g., custom cameras, sensors, etc.) are all 100% finalized, and have been in production over the last 2 months; with a good amount of parts in stock already at our local facility. Our initial prototype production of our custom carrier board is now slated to begin sometime middle to late August; which is scheduled to run through a rapid prototyping process and be back in our teams hands ~1.5 weeks from start date. Once we have our custom carrier boards in hand, test, and verify functionality; we can then begin our Alpha Testing phase and our Beta testing thereafter. Alpha and Beta will happen pretty quickly and back to back, so that we don’t increase our intended official fulfillment release timeframe. We will provide an update on exact Alpha & Beta testing date once we complete the above. In addition: 

  • The only thing left to still be confirmed is whether or not we integrate our monocular or binocular heads up display. This is still scheduled to be confirmed and finalized by the majority of you during our Alpha and Beta testing phases forthcoming. 
  • Based on feedback from our recent poll, the decision has been made to keep the Front Action camera in the original location (as you can see we’ve done based on the final helmet model shown above). We are discussing what a custom option with the front camera in the chin area would cost with our manufacturer, and if it makes sense; we will make this offering as an upcharge to those who would like the camera in that location if timing permits.


Design is 100% complete and there are no more changes. Some of the recent and necessary changes in design are:

  1. Added ventilation to the front forehead area of the helmet for more cooling to the rider, as well as to the rear of the helmet where the majority of the components are.
  2. Added ventilation in the rear shell attachment compartment of the helmet, to allow more airflow so heat can more properly dissipate.

Take a look at the additional final helmet model images below!


Software is still moving largely in the right direction, and moving a lot more rapidly. The additional development support team paired with our main development partner in Viaanix has provided good structured and sound development. With their support, we are still pushing the rest of development in order to meet our target release time frame. Proof of this incredible support will be shown in our critical Update 10 this coming Saturday. 

[Manufacturing/Production cont’d]

The next steps in our road to production are:

  • Tooling (scheduled to begin in the next 1-2 weeks as we are now just waiting on updated final production pricing from our helmet manufacturer) 
  • Beta & certification helmet production (scheduled to begin in the next 2-3 weeks)
  • Internal pre-certification testing (scheduled to begin in the next 5-7 weeks)
  • Actual certifications (scheduled to begin in the next 6-7 weeks)
  • Fulfillment+ Production (currently on schedule and slated to begin in the next 8-9 weeks or less)

[Full Schedule Reminder]


Thank you for your continued support and patience. As always please message us with any questions—we’re always here for you. Stay blessed and stay safe.

-Team ICH