The iC-Rs+ Smart Motorcycle Helmet captures every ride in 4K/60FPS, features a Heads-Up Display with navigation, and offers ultimate safety with crash detection, communication, and a self-tinting visor. Shop now!

Experience the Future of Riding with the iC-Rs+ Smart Motorcycle Helmet

The iC-Rs+ isn’t just a helmet – it’s your ultimate riding companion. Packed with cutting-edge technology, it enhances your safety, awareness, and connectivity while delivering a smooth, immersive ride.

Unparalleled Vision and Recording:

  • Capture every detail of your journey in stunning 4K/60FPS with the integrated front action camera.
  • Maintain a clear view with the photochromic tinting visor that seamlessly adjusts between light and dark conditions (transition speed: 5-20 seconds).
  • See what’s behind you with a comprehensive 240+ degree field of view provided by the dual rear cameras.

Smarter, Safer Rides:

  • Keep your focus on the road with the Heads-Up Display (HUD) featuring adjustable brightness, navigation, and integration with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
  • Never miss a turn with the built-in rider speedometer and other vital information displayed directly in your field of view.
  • Ride with peace of mind. The iC-Rs+ boasts industry-leading crash detection with emergency contact and emergency services alerts (subject to mobile device Bluetooth chip compatibility).
  • Dual Zoned ToF sensors further enhance your safety by providing real-time obstacle awareness.

Connected and in Control:

  • Enjoy crystal-clear communication with 3 Rider-to-Rider options: Duplex Bluetooth Mesh, Unlimited Range Mobile Network for up to 15 riders, and a wireless PTT intercom system.
  • Operate the iC-Rs+ hands-free with voice commands, ensuring a distraction-free riding experience.
  • Manage your settings and access advanced features with the companion mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Additional Highlights:

  • Expand your storage capacity with a microSD card slot (up to 256GB supported).
  • Stay focused with ADSP noise reduction technology that filters out engine and wind noise.
  • Deter theft with the integrated helmet lockdown and locator support.
  • Maintain a comfortable ride with the ergonomically designed physical handlebar controller.

With the iC-Rs+, the road ahead has never been smarter or safer. Order yours today and experience the future of motorcycle riding!

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