iC-R Post Campaign Update 12.1 – Q1 Launch Nears as Final Dev Efforts Heat Up

Hi Backers!

We hope all are safe and healthy! We are now getting closer and closer to official Beta testing, Certifications, Production, & Official Production! As a reminder these updates will be shorter, more concise, or elaborative as needed; depending on the update information. Let’s get to it.


Our team just received our REV-B PCBs this past Monday! Validation and testing are already underway, and integration and initial road tests are next up! Check out images of our custom PCB that will give our iC-R lineup all the features you’re waiting for!


Core functionalities continue to be optimized for user experience. Backer-ready Android APK coming late February!.


After a few revisions and virtual meetings with our manufacturing team, there are a few final tooling tweaks still underway up to and concluding directly after Chinese New Year; unfortunately. 

Fortunately, our manufacturer has shipped our team 2 of the latest production version Carbon Fiber+Kevlar fully complete helmet samples. Once received our team will:

  • Install all HW
  • Connect with a few of our local backers here in VA sometime between the 9th & 18th of February for form, fit, function feedback ONLY (e.g., helmet weight, airflow, comfort, audio, wind noise, etc.) which we’ll record and post to our website and social media platforms.

No system feature functionality testing will be performed initially as our team is still validating system functionality with our new PCBs. This will allow us to collect and pass along any feedback to our manufacturing team for final T1 and Beta sample tweaks. We are still on track for the next critical steps: final HW/SW integration & testing, though; Beta Testing, Certifications, and order fulfillment production shift back only by about 2 weeks due to Chinese New Year. 

To keep things moving and make use of every minute we have—initiating pre-Beta testing with our local backers using the samples mentioned above. Everything is still aligned for completion for the beginning of this coming riding season. With that, take a look at some additional images of our pre-Beta Carbon Fiber + Kevlar helmet samples below:

Transparency & Engagement

As a final reminder, all backers should’ve received an automated email requesting updates to their order, contact, and shipping information. Please ensure your information is accurate to facilitate a smooth delivery process when shipments begin. Anyone who still has yet to update their order information can do so using our Google Form link here: https://forms.gle/tdCCJQwdKoMXzCne7 

Open Pre-order Balances & Custom Wrap Invoicing

As an additional final reminder, our manufacturer has reported that they need orders confirmed and submitted at least 2 months in advance, especially with those opting for our custom wraps.

For those who participated in our earlier pre-order campaign and still carry an open balance, final invoices and reminders have been sent out so that we can lock your pre-order submissions in along with everyone else who has paid in full; so keep an eye on your inbox for this. Overdue balances will need to be satisfied by today to meet Q1 shipment time frame

Stay tuned for further updates as we conclude and bring these final stages to a close, and a new beginning for ICH and you; our customers and ride community.