Don’t Miss Out! iC-R Helmet 2024 Beta Testing Starts Soon – Update Your Info Now!

Hi Backers!

We hope everyone is good out there! Today’s post provides additional updates of our project development & planned release. Let’s kick things off:

Pre-Beta Testing

Our initial pre-beta local backer testing here in VA went very well! Our CEO was able to meet with: backer Stephen McGuinness from Warrenton, VA and early investor Kevin Farhat. Unfortunately schedules didn’t align to connect with Kickstarter backer #75 Rashad Lewis due to his work demands, but we still have an open invitation with Rashad 🙂. 

With this pre-beta testing, we were able to gain valuable feedback on our semi-final T1 production helmet samples in the following areas:

  • Helmet Weight & Weight Distribution
  • Helmet Liner Feel & Comfort
  • Overall Visibility
  • Airflow & Ease of Ventilation Control
  • Wind Noise Throughout Helmet
  • Over-Ear speaker cushion feel and wind noise mitigation
  • Speaker Sound Quality
  • Magnetic Chin Strap vs Traditional D-Ring.

We’ve passed this feedback along to our manufacturing team for improvements 😀. 

If you haven’t had a chance to see the footage, check out the following links below:

Manufacturing, Beta, & Certifications

Final T1 production ready helmet samples and packaging now planned for shipment and final review & signoff the week of 04/22/24. Fortunately we are at the last stages in this process, and unfortunately some modifications require updates to one or more of the helmet molds; which can take a good deal of time from mold to reproduction of that part for review.

What should be the final tooling tweaks have been issued to our manufacturing team, and our new T1 samples completion date is set for before or on 04/18/24. Once complete they will be shipped to our team for final review and any additional feedback; though we’re confident that we’ve resolved all needs through prototype and pre-T1 samples review and testing.

Due to the final tooling needs and when official Beta testing & safety certifications are scheduled to occur, this does adjust the scheduled ship date to early/mid June; but still falling under our Spring 2024 release. INITIAL SHIPMENTS WILL NOT GO BEYOND THIS SPRING. See the link to our full final updated schedule below for details.

Beta Helmets: will begin shipping to randomly selected users based on location (we’re trying to cover a broad range of areas). We will record the random selection and post the results on our Youtube channel, as well as provide official email notifications to the winners of the draw.

Official Safety Certifications: will begin the week of 04/29/24.

  • Note that the testing & certification completion window is between 2-3 weeks. When we reach this stage, we will be at the mercy of the safety entities (DOT, ECE 22.06, & SNELL M2025D) and when they can complete. 

In the meantime, take a look at one of the Patriot 2 custom wrap option applied to one of the three T1 helmet shells, that a number of backers selected:

Hardware & Software

  • Core functionalities consistently being optimized for user experience. We have been working working working in the background and have some CRAZY AWESOME features not planned or promoted, but that we’ll be giving you in v1.0 release.  
  • We will begin testing a number of select functional features with backers locally within the next 2 weeks through the start of official Beta testing!

Transparency & Engagement

  • Official final schedule can be found via our website: 
  • Backers are encouraged to update their order, contact, and shipping information ONLY if you haven’t already or have recently moved.
  • Open pre-order balances require immediate payment to meet Spring shipment.

Stay tuned for further updates as iC-R nears production and Beta testing! Shipments are now closer than EVER!